SUMI PRIDE – A Safe Novel Treatment for Bed bug Control


SUMI PRIDE – A Safe Novel Treatment for Bed bug Control

Bedbugs – The Problem

Bed Bugs are insects that feed on multiple hosts including humans, dogs, cats and other animals. At night these tiny creatures sneak out of their hiding place to feast on you without your permission! They know where you are because of the carbon dioxide and heat of the bodies and What’s scarier is that the bed bugs administer an anaesthetic, so you don’t wake up.

A bed bug can suck blood, three times its weight in a single meal. Gradually they create a big family that lives happily in the bed crevices and mattresses.

But …..are you happy? 

Bed bug bites can cause skin rashes, blisters, allergies, other infections and anaemia.

How to control Bedbugs?

Bed bugs can be controlled by applying IPM strategies i.e communicate with or educate people, physical or mechanical means and through chemicals, but a more effective and long-lasting approach is the use of insecticides. However, their resistance to many insecticides has increased significantly over a period of time.

What is the best medicine for bed bug control?

Sumitomo Chemical India Limited is always known for providing Quality and Innovative pest control solutions to its customers.

To ensure, that you sleep well, Sumitomo has come up with a unique product SUMI PRIDE

SUMI PRIDE is a broad-spectrum insecticide. Which

  • Is a new molecule for bedbug
  • Has easy operational usage
  • Is efficacious and
  • Has long residual
  • The active ingredient in SUMI PRIDE is highly stable and gives fast knockdown
  • SUMI PRIDE is colourless and odourless

SUMI PRIDE has been registered with CIB or the Central Insecticide board and can be used for bed bug treatment at a dosage of 1.6 gm per litre of water.

How do you check for bed bugs?

Knowing where to look and what to look for is the most important exercise you must do before you start the treatment.

Mated female bed bugs lay 2 to 5 eggs a day & about 200 to 500 egg in their lifetime. Eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days, to the stage, called a nymph. From the egg stage to the adult the insect changes dramatically, adults are always darker reddish-brown. The complete lifecycle of the bed bug takes about 6 to 7 weeks under optimal conditions.

Where to check for Bed bugs?

The first place to look for is the seams of pillowcases, look for the yellowish skin they shed, droppings, and red smears on your bed sheet, clothes or pillowcases.

The mattress itself is a notorious hiding place for bed bugs. They usually nest along the seams and sides of mattresses.

Also look for them in bed storage areas, as bed bugs find enough place to hide here. Don’t forget to examine the bed frames and everything on the floor, including the side tables.

“Bed bugs would hide on – or in wood, fabric, metal, anything which is close to their food source, and that is – YOU”.

Also check for the bed bugs on the couch, easy chairs and desk areas, wherever you spend significant time lying or sitting idle.

Bed bug spray

Once you have found the bed bugs, it’s time for the spray!

Before the start of spray, make sure that the person spraying, wears the PPEs like Like Mask, Hand gloves, eye protection etc.

The dosage of SUMI PRIDE is mentioned in the leaflet. Mix appropriate quantities of SUMI PRIDE with water. Being a wettable dispersible granule, it mixes well with water.

Open the windows before you start the spray. And always start the spray from your bed-the favourite hiding place of the Bed Bugs. Take a Small qty of SUMI PRIDE solution in a Mug, and use a Syringe to inject in all the woodwork, cracks & crevices on the wall, flooring and other areas. Inject SUMI PRIDE solution along with the corners & joints in the furniture.

After treatment is over, rinse the spraying pump, syringe and mug with water. Keep all the equipment, PPE’s, remaining chemical and Inspection kit carefully in the Bag and wash hands properly.

The sprayed area should be closed for a minimum of 2hrs. And ventilated properly before using the premises again.

For better long-lasting results, repeat the service after 15-30 days.

Please remember, SUMI PRIDE is also available in easy to use and economical 6 gm packing.

Sleep Tight Without A Bite…. when you spray SUMI PRIDE!



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