What is KORKO?

Sumitomo Chemical's KORKO is an excellent insecticide for sucking pest & caterpillars. KORKO provides a long-term control on caterpillars and sucking pest.


Complementary dual mode of action.

Stomach and contact action with translaminar activity kills pest within 24 hrs of application.

Good Ovicidal and larvicidal effect prevents economic damage done by pest.

Offers 10-12 days of control over pest hereby reducing number of sprays.

Strong Synergistic formulation with good dispersibility in water.

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Directions for use:

Crop Quantity Application Time Water
Maize 300 gm/acre 1st Application: 15-20 DAS
2nd Application: 30-35 DAS (Need Based )
150-200 Litre/acre
Cotton 280 gm/acre 55-65 DAS 150-200 Litre/acre
Chili 280 gm/acre 1st Application: 40-45 DAT
2nd Application: 65-70 DAT
150-200 Litre/acre

Precautions - For best results, use the full recommended dosage of KORKO.

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