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Aluminium phosphide 56%

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Celphos is a trusted fumigant used for controlling stored product insect pests in various commodities. Celphos is highly effective, economical and easy to use fumigant worldwide.

Product Benefits :

  • Phosphine gas from Celphos is practically insoluble in water, fats and oils and therefore has no appreciable reaction on the fumigated commodities.
  • Phosphine gas disappears completely after fumigation from the treated area upon aeration.
  • Phosphine from Celphos does not adversely affect the quality of agricultural commodity fumigated.
  • It is rapidly deactivated by photolysis (effect of sunlight).
  • Easy to use, economical and highly effective fumigant.

Dosage: 10 gm / metric ton stored commodity in air tight condition

Pack Sizes - Pouches - 10gm, 204gm, Tablets - 3gm tablet in 1kg Flask


Note -

Aluminium phosphide (Celphos) in the tablet is to be used under the expert supervisions by Government/ Government Undertakings/Organisations like FCI, Central Warehousing Corporations, etc., and Pest Control Operators whose expertise has been approved by the Plant Protection Advisor to the Government of India.

Celphos in pouch pack is approved for storage, transportation, handling and free sale to the end-users through distributors/dealers holding valid Pesticide license.

Celphos in tablet and pouch pack is 'Not to be used for fumigating residential premises and cattle sheds'.

Safety Tip: Safety Tip

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