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Our business goes far beyond commerce. Sumitomo Chemical India Limited (SCIL) has always put service before profit and used its wealth for community development. We firmly believe that it is possible to be ethical, socially responsible and profitable at the same time. This guiding philosophy, which is at the core of SCIL existed much before Corporate Social Responsibility came to be recognized as a model for ethical, sustainable and responsible business. SCIL is widely acknowledged as a responsible corporate owing to its long history in philanthropic initiatives. The company’s ultimate objective is to create social equity and facilitate prosperity for those at the bottom of pyramid.


CSR Vision

In alignment with its vision, the Company, through its CSR initiatives, will continue to enhance value creation in the society and in the community in which it operates, through its services, conduct and initiatives, so as to promote sustained growth for the society and community, in fulfilment of its role as a Socially Responsible Corporate, with environmental concern.'


  • To integrate CSR Programmes with the needs of different segments of the community.
  • To facilitate sustainable development in the community through CSR Programmes.
  • To support in nation building and bringing inclusive growth through the Company’s CSR Programmes.

Our Focus

We focus on over all development of the communities around our plant locations mostly in the rural areas.


Project Identification Process


Project Identification


Proposal Presentation to CSR Committee


Budgeting and Project Detailing


Project Finalization

Our Partners


Government Bodies

District Authorities

Village Panchayats


Thrust Areas


Sanitation & Drinking Water

Description - Diarrhoea continues to be a major threat to child health in India, severely impacting the mortality rate of children under the age of 5.

Drinking Water Facilities : We provide drinking water facilities to households in villages surrounding our manufacturing sites through collaboration with Government departments such as Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO), Gujarat Water Supply Board (GWSSB) and community involvement.....

These projects mainly involve constructing large overhead water storage tanks and setting up entire pumping machinery and pipelines. Nearly 700 people from 5 villages of Kutch and Bhavnagar have benefitted from our efforts for safe drinking water system since, 2014.Drinking water projects have solved drinking water availability problem in villages.

We also provided Drinking Water Coolers and RO systems at schools and associations such as National Association of Blind (Valsad), Sarkari Matsya Vyavsay School (Boiser) and Government Secondary School (Vapi).

Household Sanitation : SCIL is an active participant of the Swachh Bharat Mission, and joined the mission to make the villages Open Defecation Free (ODF). Our team imparts education to the village communities to convert organic waste into compost by use of organic waste converter. The compost is then used for enriching soil in farms.

School Sanitation : Due to inadequate sanitation facility in schools, children had to defecate in open during school hours. To overcome this issue, we have constructed toilets in schools of such villages. Our intervention has helped over thousands of children, who now do not have to miss their classes and defecate in open.

We also extend support to village Panchayat to construct drinking water systems in collaboration with Government and make safe drinking water available.

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Natural Resources Conservation

Description - Sustainability is a practise at SCIL. Our projects on Natural Resources Conservation resonate with the core area of sustainability.

Tree plantation and Tree Guards : The project focuses on increasing the tree cover, its beautification and maintenance to protect the soil, enrich biodiversity, and create better environment around our manufacturing facilities.

Waste Water Management : As India hurtles towards a more developed economy, rapid industrialization has, hiked up the number of pollutants in our surroundings. One of these pollutants is wastewater. Management of wastewater through wastewater treatment plants in India has thus become imperative.

We filter drainage water from household and make it re-usable in agriculture and for gardening in our factory premises.

Replenishing Water Table : Ponds and check dams are water reservoirs and play crucial role in meeting the water requirement of human beings and animals.

Some villages that have ponds and check dams but cannot be used due to silt deposition in large quantity over a period of time, thus reducing the water storage capacity. We collaborated with Village Panchayats, for de-silting and renovation of ponds so that water is available for household work, farming, drinking water for animals etc. The removed silt is also used as natural compost by nearby farmers.

Drip Irrigation : Modern agricultural practices support farmers in conserving water, improving farm productivity and reducing farming cost. Drip irrigation is one such farm practice that contributes in water conservation to large extent. In association with Gujarat Green Revolution Company (GGRC) and farmers, we provide drip facility in the areas around our manufacturing facilities. Having identified hurdles in enrolling farmers into drip installation programme; we work with our implementation partner to educate the communities.

Solar Hot Water System : The solar hot water is great way to reduce carbon and other greenhouse emissions and protect our climate. Therefore, for affordable and clean energy and to ensure environment sustainability, we have provided Solar hot water system in the hostels.

Solar Street Light : Solar lights conserve energy and reduce dependence on conventional energy. We have installed around 40 numbers of Solar Street Lights at PAM village, near our Tarapur factory.

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Animal Welfare

At SCIL we believe that animal welfare hugely impacts agriculture output. High welfare farming can be less damaging to the environment. SCIL offers products and services that cater to the needs of farmers. There is impact and dependence of farmers in bovine population and dairy business. Besides transportation, tilling an animal on farm is a source of additional income at relatively lesser investment. The animals provide income during crop related adversities. We conduct various animal welfare projects that complement agriculture and support the farmers.

Vaccination : Bovine productivity is optimized with healthcare through vaccination. We collaborate with the state government to control cattle disease such as foot and mouth and de-worming.

Fodder : During times of fodder shortage, due to scarce rainfall, we supply fodder for the farm animals. To eradicate the problem completely, we initiated the development of fodder plots with government and village panchayat under PPP model. We also build fodder storage room in 'Gaushalas', wherever required.

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Rural Development

Socio-economic upliftment of rural society, is the major driver for transformation of India. With a pledge to be a part of this transformation, Sumitomo Chemical India Limited designs rural development projects, to bring about the change that matters. We provide infrastructure support and encourage cultural synergy.

Community Infrastructure Support : Community halls in villages are used for multiple social activities, connecting the social fabric of the rural community eventually driving its development. We collaborate with local village panchayats to renovate community halls and provide water storage tank for general use.

School Infrastructure Support : We have constructed sheds on school grounds in various villages, to facilitate hassle free conduction of school activities. We also renovate kitchen and provide storage room for cooking mid-day meals for children in schools.

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Education & Skill Development

The 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan' and 'Skill India' initiatives of the Government, focus on providing primary education and vocational trainings to the needy. SCIL initiatives are in congruence with the government initiatives; we believe that every child has the right to education, irrespective of his/her location, background or economic status.

Enrolment and Education : We participate and support the well-known school enrolment program 'Shala Pravesh Utsav' in collaboration with Gujarat Government. The initiative has motivated parents to enrol their children in primary and pre-primary schools.

We provide financial support for the tuition and extra-curricular activities of children from lower income groups studying in grades 1to 4.

We distribute notebooks to students from poor families.

Computer Aided Learning : Inspired by several digital initiatives of the Government of India, SCIL has come up with a "Learning Delight" software, to make school learning a delightful experience in many villages.

This software has lots of animations, puzzles and stories, so that the children can have fun, while they learn. We ensure installation, upgradation and monitoring of the software in many villages.

Education for Visually Disabled Students : We have provided Braille keyboard, JAWS software and Daisy players to National Association of Blind (NAB) at Valsad. It helps visually disabled students in their education.

Smart Class-To enhance Education Quality : At ACIL we believe that the best way to provide quality education is to make it more interactive and interesting.

We provide Projector, Smart board, Projector Kit, UPS, White Board and speakers to various schools and colleges in Boiser and Chinchani.

Laboratory Set-up and Equipment : We have set-up the laboratories and also provided equipment required in physics, chemistry and biology laboratories in higher secondary schools in and around Vapi and Tarapur Factories.

We have also provided electrical and electronics laboratory equipment to impart the practical learning and to develop their vocational skills of the students.

Mini Science Centre : We have established Mini Science center in S D Vartak School, Biosar. It contains mainly 65 different models of mathematics and physics. The center been instrumental in improving the learning of students, especially those belonging to the under privileged section of the society.

Provide School Benches : We provide benches in the schools to help students for comfortable seating in the class.

Provide Bunker Beds : We have provided bunker beds along with bed sheet, mattress, pillow, pillow cover, blanket, basket for keeping books etc. to boys and girls staying in hostels, located in the vicinity of Vapi and Tarapur site.

Youth Development Programs : We organise programmes to develop life skills in young students mainly between the age of 12 years and 15 years.

Agriculture Based Training : We impart basic skills training related to modern agricultural techniques to progressive farmers through experts and scientists trained from reputed institutions.

Vocational Training : We develop programmes that can enable enterprise and vocation among village women from low-income communities residing in surrounding areas of our manufacturing facilities. Training is imparted in the areas of basic accounting, micro-finance, and leadership to manage self-help groups. We also provide vocation-based trainings such as beauty parlour, tailoring and washing powder making through experts. These trainings make them self sufficient to support their livelihood and have a better standard of living.

We have donated sewing machines, cutting table, CCTV camera, sewing kits, computers, drinking water dispenser, chairs, table, bio-metric attendance systems etc. to unemployed women and girls. This has helped to generate the income to support their livelihood.

Support Teacher Programme : We give opportunity to the natives, to serve as 'Support Teacher' in schools of neighbouring villages.

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Health Care

Lack of timely treatment and inadequate diagnostics lead to higher child mortality rate in rural communities. It is thus imperative to create awareness about the importance of healthcare and provide basic health facilities to the rural communities.

We aim to make the villages clean, and educate its residents about the impact of cleanliness on health.

Hemoglobin check-up camps : We organize hemoglobin check-up camps for children from lower income groups and provide medicines to low hemoglobin identified cases.

Medical Camps : We organize medical check-up camps for men and women from lower income groups and refer them to respective specialized doctors, if required. We make continuous efforts to create health awareness in the society.

Disaster Relief Vehicle with Medical Equipment : To deal with disaster, we have provided multipurpose rapid disaster relief vehicle with medical equipment to Red Cross Society, Valsad. It has helped villagers during emergency, natural calamity like flood, heavy rain etc.

Sonography Center : We have provided sonography machine at Late Nagarji Bhagwanji Mehta, Valvada hospital, Vapi.

Mosquito Net Distribution : We have provided mosquito nets to NGO’s for distribution among economically challenged people staying in the villages around our sites.

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Sanitation & Drinking Water

Open-defecation free villages.
Convenience and safety for women, children and old age people.
Behavioural change in People as they have learnt to keep their homes and surroundings clean.
Improved availability of drinking water in villages, Schools and Hostels.

Natural Resource Conservation

Improved green cover and sustainable environment.
Improved water retention capacity of ponds resulting in increased volumes of stored rain water.
Improved crop productivity and reduced farming cost due to Drip Irrigation, as compared to flood irrigation system.


Animal Welfare

Improvement in animal health and productivity.
Timely supply of fodder has ensured good health of animals and helped villagers protect their source of income.
Storage facility for fodder, ensured zero wastage.

Rural Development

Construction of community halls made social events more convenient. This has also instilled a sense of pride among the villagers who contributed in the construction.
The Kitchen shed make convenient seating places for lunch and cooking mid-day meals.

Education and Skill Development

The School Enrolment Program, has motivated children to join school and parents to send their kids to school.
Tuition for children of Baalshala has helped them understand the concept well.
The notebook distribution initiative has immensely helped the students who could not afford to buy notebooks.
The Learning Delight software has made learning more interesting, easy and of higher quality.
Mini Science Centre has improved teaching skills of teachers and created interest in students for learning Mathematics and Physics.
The Youth Development Program has instilled confidence in students for learning the basic life skills.
Modern agricultural techniques have led to better farm output.
Skill training to women has resulted in women empowerment. It has helped them get employment in nearby textile industries after successful completion of sewing course.

Health Care

The hemoglobin level of beneficiary children has risen as they were given course of iron folic tablets and their parents were counselled about nutrition.
Improved health and its awareness among low-income groups, owing to proper medical diagnosis provided free of cost and treatment at affordable cost.
Facilities like Sonography machine, have helped people during medical emergency.
Adequate distribution of mosquito net has reduced the chances of malaria occurrence.


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