Behind every new product there is a story


Innovations that Transform

It is our utmost responsibility to create products that cater to farmers’ needs. Our team of scientists is committed to provide the best crop solutions, that transform agriculture, are safe to use and environment friendly.

The Quality of our products is never compromised, and this has helped us earn the trust of our consumers over the years.

The upcoming challenges in agriculture, owing to the climate change, would have greater implications on crop protection and food security. Our team of scientists is ready to embrace these and many more challenges.


At The Core Of Process Development

A team of qualified and dedicated scientists and chemical engineers

Develop processes that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Synthetic Laboratory, well-equipped with pressure lab, gram lab, kilo lab and multipurpose pilot plant

Our team of engineers troubleshoot the scalability issues.

The R&D team works together with the manufacturing team for successful transfer of the process from pilot to plant scale.


Process Safety

Risk identification, analysis and documentation of critical parameters during process development, is done by the R & D team in collaboration with the project and safety team, to ensure project safety.

Formulation department develops new formulations through various delivery systems which are greener and eco-friendly.



Analytical Development

The analytical development laboratory is equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment.

The analytical method development includes, impurity profiling and structure elucidation of compounds through chromatography and spectroscopy.

The R & D team provides experimental data support during product registration.



Soil Health Research

Healthy soil increases the capacity of crops to withstand weather variability, this makes Soil Health Research imperative.

Soil Health Research is an interdisciplinary science involving soil chemistry, plant nutrition, plant pathology, entomology and microbiology.

The formulations are tested in glass houses and fields.

Development of Biopesticides and Waste Management is another major thrust area in
R & D at SCIL.


Intellectual Property Rights

The Intellectual Property Rights department supports the R & D team in filing patents and is vigilant for Intellectual Property protection & patent infringements.



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