We don't just follow digital transformations - we also create them

We believe that digital transformation in agriculture, goes through the stages of awareness and acceptance, before the real transformation happens. We help farmers cover the journey from " thinking digital to being digital". That's why our digital transformations are unique.


Our Digital Ecosystem



09 product websites & more than 400+ landing pages that drove more than one million visitors in 2023.

Focus on speciality molecules, thus giving us an edge over websites of generic molecules which have flooded the internet.

These websites are multilingual and cater to techno-savvy, advanced farmers who are continuously looking for literature on the internet.

Websites ensure dissemination of uniform information among our team members and end-users.

The websites have chatbots, so farmers can reach out for any queries that they have.



(All Products Website)




(Plant Nutrition & Growth Regulator)


(Plant Nutrition & Growth Regulator)




(Biological Insecticide)


(Systemic Insecticide)


(Plant Nutrition & Growth Regulator)


(Plant Nutrition & Growth Regulator)


Mobile App - All information at one place

Download our mobile app for Sumitomo Products, Sumi Max & Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd.


QR Codes - Our Digital Window

We are the first in the industry to use QR codes for Our websites. Our team educated the farmers and retailers about the QR Code and how to scan them to reach our product website www.sumitomoproducts.com.


Hello Bot- Lets Stay Connected

Our Hello Bot on www.sumitomoproducts.com is an endeavour to stay connected with famers.

Website visitors can send their queries through Hello Bot.

Website visitors can also contact us on Whats App, through the Hello Bot.


Digital Chaupal- A Q&A Platform for Farmers

Digital Chaupal is woven around the idea "together we grow bette". It is a symbol of our genuine concern, to provide an open door where farmers can look up for consultation.

One of the interesting features of the website is that farmers can check mandi rates of various crops in different mandis of India. Click here to visit

Click here to visit

Facebook Pages

We have 26 multilingual Facebook pages, to disseminate product and crop related information to farmers.

Our Facebook Page on Fall Armyworm, helped farmers identify the problem at an early stage and provided a complete tutorial on the FAW life cycle, and how to use chemical and other methods to save the crops.

The YouTube Advantage

We upload multilingual videos on YouTube to help farmers find solutions for farming related problems.



Sumitomo Chemical India Limited has won the National Award for Excellence in Digital Marketing, for "Best Use of the Internet for Social and Economic Development".

We are determined to explore the digital channels to the fullest for the development of the Indian Farming Community.



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