I am Hexzol Gold - Fungicides

Hexzol Gold - Fungicides

Mode of action

Hexzol Gold inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis (steroid dimethylation inhibitor). It is a systemic triazole fungicide, with protective and curative action. Hexaconazole is ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor thereby controlling growth and reproduction of plant fungal pathogens.

Sulfex is a multi-site contact inorganic fungicide. Sulphur is a non-systemic contact and protectant fungicide with secondary acaricidal activity.

Sulfex is a broad spectrum contact and protective fungicide & miticide. It also provides sulphur which is essential plant nutrient.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Hexaconazole 5% SC

Product Benefits

  • Hexzol Gold has Translaminar action so it is quickly absorbed and translocated within the leaf and plant system resulting in quick and effective disease control.
  • It has Triple mode of action i.e. Protective, Curative and Eradicative.
  • It gives phytotonic effect and improves the plant's visible characteristics, and also improves yield & quality of the produce.
  • Residual action: It works within and provides long lasting effect.
  • It is cost effective and efficient.



  • Pest Complex Powdery mildew
  • Dosage 200 ml/100 It. water


  • Pest Complex Sheath blight
  • Dosage 200 ml/100 It. water


  • Pest Complex Powdery mildew
  • Dosage 500-1000 It./ 500lt.water


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