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Prolege - Fungicides

Prolege is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide from Triazole chemistry. Prolege is effective against various fungal diseases in crops like Rice, Chillies, Groundnut, Black gram, Soybean, Onion and other field crops. Prolege is a protective, curative and eradicative fungicide.

Mode of action

Prolege acts as a systemic fungicide. Demethylase inhibitors (DMI) interfere in the process of building the structure of the fungal cell wall. Finally inhibit the reproduction and further growth of the fungus.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Tebuconazole 25.9% EC

Product Benefits

  • Broad spectrum action against many crop diseases.
  • It is rapidly absorbed through roots and leaves.
  • It moves acropetally through the xylem.
  • It is also having phytotonic effect.
  • It gives more greenness to treated crops foliage.
  • It controls complex of diseases on various vegetable and field crops.
  • It also improves the product quality.



  • Pest Complex Blast, Sheath Blight
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water


  • Pest Complex Powdery Mildew, Fruit Rot
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water


  • Pest Complex Tikka and Rust
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water


  • Pest Complex Purple blotch
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water


  • Pest Complex Anthracnose (Pod Blight)
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water

Black Gram

  • Pest Complex Leaf Spot, Athracnose
  • Dosage 1.0-1.50 ml/ Litre water


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