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RUMPUS is a new generation formulation technology that delivers an ultrafine copper particle size. This ensures better spray coverage with uniform and quick distribution of copper metallic ions. With broad-spectrum protection and multi-site activity, it is ideal for Integrated Pest Management programs.

Tribasic Copper Sulfate 34.5% W/V SC

RUMPUS is a protective copper Fungicide used for the control on multiple diseases in various Crops.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Tribasic Copper Sulfate 34.5% W/V SC


  • 100% water soluble copper with controlled release of copper ions for better activity.
  • Ultra-fine copper particle enables superior coverage and enhanced disease control.
  • Neutral pH formulation.
  • No stains on the leaves with better photosynthesis.
  • Application without nozzle blockage.

Rumpus Mode of Action

  • Controlled Release Mechanism
  • 75% ions released immediately provide quick protection.
  • 25% ions delayed released provide extended protection.
  • Average particle size below 1 micron.
  • Ensure better coverage & disease management.



  • Crop - Cucumber, Disease - Downy Mildew, Dose/Acre - 800 ml
  • Crop - Chilli, Disease - Anthracnose & Leaf Spot, Dose/Acre - 800 ml
  • Note For better coverage use 200 lit of water per acre.


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