I am Junoon - Herbicide


JUNOON is a systemic, post emergent, broad spectrum herbicide for all types of Paddy cultivation i.e. direct sown paddy, paddy nursery and transplanted paddy. After application of Junoon, it gets absorbed by foliage and the roots.


For controlling grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds in Paddy.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Bispyribac sodium 10% SC

Product Benefits

  • A herbicide with wider application window in Paddy crop.
  • Offers application window from 2-5 leaf stage of weeds.
  • Controls all major grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds of Paddy.
  • Junoon is absorbed quickly by the weeds and offers freedom of need based application.
  • Cost effective and safe to Paddy crop.


  • 100 ml - 120 ml / Acre.


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