I am Dantop - Insecticide


Dantop is a systemic insecticide which is highly effective against chewing and sucking insects. Crops are protected against insect damage by its quick knock down and long residual action. Moreover, it has translaminar action that enables it to kill sucking insects like thrips that stay at the underside of leaves which ordinary systemic insecticides cannot control.

Mode of action

Translocates easily from already treated leaves to newly formed leaves; Controls a wide range of pests - homoptera, heteroptera, coleoptera, dipterans and thysanoptera, lepidoptera, orthoptera;

- After application, the product is assimilated into the body of insects orally or by contact;

- It acts on the nervous system, by continuous excitation of the nerves thus creating convulsions, paralysis, and death;

- Does not cause phytotoxicity to plants, and it affects the laying of eggs and feeding processes of insects.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Clothianidin 50%WDG


  • Rice, Cotton, Tea, Grapes

Product Benefits

  • Long lasting control over insects.
  • Control over many type of pests like mealy bug, jassid, aphid, white fly and termites in different crops like cotton, sugarcane rice and tea crop.
  • Comparatively Safe insecticide (Green triangle product).
  • Rapidly spreading within the plant system because of Systemic Activity.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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