I am Imfi - Insecticide


ImFi has systemic, contact, and ingestion mode of action. Along with efficient pest control, it provides a plant growth enhancement effect which leads togetter plant growth and quality yield.

Mode of action

Systemic And Contact Insecticide For Soil Insects.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Imidacloprid 40% + Fipronil 40% WG

Product Benefits

  • IMFI is a combination product of two chemical group Phenylpyrazole (Fipronil) and Neonicotinoid (Imidacloprid).
  • IMFI's dual mode of action against pests ensures effective control of the pest.
  • IMFI is recommended on soil insects of sugarcane, white grub. It can be applied at any stage as soil drench.
  • IMFI provides longer and persistent control of insects. It can control repeated attack of white grub due to its strong affinity with soil particles.



  • Pest Complex White Grubs
  • Dosage 175-200 gm/Acre


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