I am Manzo - Insecticide


One spray of Manzo controls sucking pests like White Flies, Thrips, Jassids and Aphid. Manzo is a perfect combination of two insecticides. Manzo weakens the digestive system of insects as well as kills the white flies as soon as it comes in contact with it.

Mode of action

Prevent hatching of eggs, inhibit metamorphosis from nymph to adult, causes adult sterility and gives quick knockdown of Adult white fly.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Pyriproxyfen 5% + Diafenthiuron 25% SE (Contact and Stomach action)

Product Benefits

  • One shot solutions for all stages of whitefly (Nymphs, Adults and Eggs).
  • Excellent synergism.
  • It has quick knockdown action for adult whitefly and another sucking pest.
  • It has translaminar activity which allows control of hidden pests on the underside of the leaves.



  • Pest Complex White Fly, Thrips, Jassids, Aphids
  • Dosage 400-500ml / Acre


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