I am Tricel - Insecticide


Tricel is a broad spectrum organophosphorus insecticide. It controls a wide range of insect pests in soil or on foliage in a variety of crops, by contact, ingestion and vapor action.

Crop - Pest Complex

Paddy - Hispa, Leaf folder, Stem Borer. Sugarcane - Early shoot borer, Black Bug, Pyrilla. Cotton - White fly, Aphid, Bollworms. Groundnut - Root Grub, Aphid. Brinjal - Shoot & fruit borer. Citrus – Aphid. Cabbage - Diamond Back Moth. Beans - Pod Borer, Black Bug. Gram - Cut Worm. Mustard - Aphid. Onion - Root Grub. Apple - Aphid. Ber - Leaf Hopper. Tobacco - Ground Beetle

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Chlorpyriphos 20% EC

Product Benefits

  • Tricel has an excellent soil action, which makes it the ideal weapon to fight against white grubs/root grubs, cutworms, prodenia and termites.
  • Tricel can be used as a foliar spray, soil drench, seed treatment, broa- dcasting with oil/sand for termite control.
  • Compatible to other insecticides and fungicides hence can be used in tank mix combination.


500-1000ml/ Acre


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