I am Ultimate - Insecticide


Ultimate is a novel formulation developed by SUMITOMO CHEMICAL INDIA LTD for the first time in India. It is a systemic granular insecticide. Ultimate is a nicotine-based, systemic insecticide, which acts on nervous system of insects. It is readily taken up by plant roots and translocated into the plant leaves, via the xylem. Insects that eat plant leaves or suck plant fluids gets killed.

Imidacloprid 0.3% GR

Unique insecticide granules for easy application.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Imidacloprid 0.3 % GR

Product Benefits

  • Belongs to new chemistry-Neonicotinoides.
  • Gives a good control of borers and sucking insect pests.
  • Systemic mode of action - early spread in plants.

Pest Complex


  • Pest Complex Stem Borer
  • Dosage 6 kg/Acre


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