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An exceptional and high-quality fungicide designed to safeguard your chilli and cucumber crops. CuFLOW (Tribasic Copper Sulfate 34.5% W/V SC) is a result of extensive research and development, crafted to resolve the multiple crop disease challenges faced by Indian growers.

CuFLOW Mode of Action

CuFLOW is a multi-site contact fungicide that forms a protective barrier on the leaf surface. The copper ions (Cu++) present in the fungicide enter the cell protoplasm of fungi and displaces cations in Ca & Mg++ complexes (proteins), destroying the ability of many enzymes to function without these enzymes and thus fungal spores are unable to germinate and develop.

Unbeatable Advantages of CuFLOW

  • Unmatched Power of Smaller Particle Size.
  • Multisite Contact Fungicide.
  • Better efficacy & Broad spectrum.
  • Superior Formulation Stability.
  • Healthy Crop Canopy.
  • Environment Friendly.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Tribasic Copper Sulfate 34.5% W/V SC

Precautions While Using CuFLOW

  • It is essential to form a continuous, protective chemical barrier on the surface of the plant.
  • Thorough and uniform coverage of the foliage is essential.
  • Protectant fungicides are re-distributed on the plant by dew and rain.
  • They should be applied before a rainy period to provide protection during that time.
  • The application must be made early enough so that the spray droplets have dried before the rain begins. If necessary, another application can be made after the rains are over.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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