DERECHO - Ethaboxam 40% SC


Fafund Ke Rogon Ka Ilaaj, Apni Fasal Karegi Raj.

Preventor Of Diseases In Crops.

Derecho is completely new chemistry fungicide against late blight and downy mildew fungus.

Unique Benefits of DERECHO

  • Derecho gives complete protection against downy mildew and late blight fungi as mentioned below.
  • Derecho prevents germination and penetration of fungal spores hence prevents new infection.
  • Derecho arrests the growth of fungal mycelia in the plant system, hence prevents the further growth of disease.
  • Derecho prevents further sporulation of fungus hence prevents secondary infection or spread.
  • Derecho is systemic in action and has excellent translaminar action.
  • Plants treated with Derecho has excellent post disease control recovery, hence more greening affect.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Ethaboxam 40% SC

Precautions While Using DERECHO

  • Use the recommended dosage only.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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