KITOSHI - Azoxystrobin 12.5% + Tebuconazole 12.5%%


Fasal ke liye Befikar raho.

An All-Round Protector of Chilli Crop.

Kitoshi is a unique pre-mix combination with a new age mildew killer that has the ability to fight many diseases in chili crops. It eliminates the diseases from the root and prevents them from spreading.

Chilli Crops are prone to many deadly diseases like powdery mildew and fruit rot which are very important to prevent, otherwise there will be a severe drop in yield and a major reduction in the quality of the produce.

Unique Benefits of KITOSHI

  • Kitoshi has two modes of action; it works by penetrating the crop's structure and coming into contact with disease. This allows the crop to be disease free for a long time.
  • Kitoshi is effective both before and after the disease which gives it flexibility and a wide scope of use.
  • If used in the preventive stage, the crops remain disease free, and provides Higher yield.
  • It is highly suitable for use in integrated pest management programs.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Azoxystrobin 12.5% + Tebuconazole 12.5%%

Precautions While Using KITOSHI

  • Use the recommended dosage only.
  • Begin use as soon as symptoms of the disease appear.
  • Complete coverage is most important for best results.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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