VALIDACIN - Validamycin 3% L


Fasalon ka Antibiotic.

Antibiotic for Your Crop.

Validacin is an Systemic Antibiotic Fungicide, effective against fungal and bacterial diseases.

It acts on hyphae and destroys the fungus by its contact action and controls the spread of diseases.

Unique Benefits of VALIDACIN

  • Validacin is an antibiotic fungicide which controls sheath blight very effectively.
  • Validacin is most effective against soil borne diseases.
  • Validamycin is compatible with most common insecticides.
  • Validacin is safe for crops and environment and suitable for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease protection.
  • Provides advanced plant health benefits.
  • Better flower retention and fruit quality.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Validamycin 3% L

Precautions While Using VALIDACIN

  • Use only the recommended dosage of Validacin.
  • Complete coverage is most important for best results.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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