Dantotsu® - Clothianidin 50% WDG


A broad-spectrum Japanese insecticide.

The Safest Solution for Sugarcane, Paddy, Cotton, Tea and Grapes.

Dantotsu® is a unique broad spectrum systemic insecticide. Dantotsu® is a green triangle chemistry that is completely safe if used as per recommendations of CIB & RC.

Crop - Sugarcane, Paddy, Cotton, Tea and Grapes


Dantotsu® is orally/dermally taken in the body of insect pests and binds to the acetylcholine (ACh) receptor on the post-synaptic membrane of synapse. Acting as agonist of ACh, it rapidly shows toxic/insecticidal activity. Dantotsu® can prevent insect pests from feeding / sucking/ ovipositting.

Unique Benefits of Dantotsu®

  • Long lasting control over insects.
  • Control over many type of pests like mealy bug, jassid, aphid, white fly and termites in different crops like cotton grapes, sugarcane rice and tea crop.
  • Comparatively Safe insecticide (Green triangle product).
  • Rapidly spreading within the plant system because of Systemic Activity.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Clothianidin 50% WDG

Precautions While Using Dantotsu®

  • Use the recommended dose of Dantotsu®
  • Complete coverage is most important for best results
  • Spray in the evening or in the morning, and cover the plant properly

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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