SANTANA® - Clothianidin 0.5% GR


Naya Japani Danedar Kitnashak.

Protector of OKRA Crops Against Jassids.

Effect of clothianidin 0.5% GR against jassids (Amrasca biguttula biguttula) and their natural enemies in okra (Abelmoschus esculemtus).


Santana is orally/dermally taken in the body of insect pests and binds to the acetylcholine (ACh) receptor on the post-synaptic membrane of synapse. Acting as agonist of ACh, it rapidly shows toxic/insecticidal activity.

Santana can prevent insect pests from feeding / sucking/ ovipositting.

Unique Benefits of SANTANA®

  • Santana G.R. Protects plants from insects from early stage.
  • Santana G.R. It is a granular insecticide, which is easier to use than other powdered insecticides.
  • Santana G.R. Diffuses through the system of the plant and provides protection against plant insects.
  • Santana G.R. Being Granular, it can be easily sprayed in the field.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Clothianidin 0.5% GR

Precautions While Using SANTANA®

  • Use the recommended dosage of Santana.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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