BORNEO® - Etoxazole 10% SC


Har Mite ko Kare Be-asar.

A Powerful Miticide for Your Tea & Brinjal Crops.

Borneo is a Miticide that controls the growth of mites and provides long-term protection. Borneo is effective in every temperature and in rainfall. Its effect remains complete even if it rains after 3-4 hours of spray.


Borneo's way of working is unique. It inhibits the formation of Chitin (carbohydrate), due to which the larvae and young ones of the mite do not develop their outer shell completely and eventually die.

Unique Benefits of BORNEO®

  • New Discovery - Borneo is an advanced miticide with absolute resistance to mites.
  • Affects the egg, and larval stage of the mite, as well as the reproductive capacity of the adult female mites, thereby disturbing their entire life cycle.
  • It has translaminar action which control the mites present on lower side of the leaves.
  • Provides long-term protection.
  • A green triangle product which is safer for the environment.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Etoxazole 10% SC

Precautions While Using BORNEO®

  • For best results, spray Borneo well so that it reaches every leaf.
  • Spray Borneo when the number of mites is 3-5 per leaf.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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