PROGIBB EASY - Gibberellic Acid 40% WSG


Gunvatta Jhalke Sat Samundar Par.

The Most Reliable Product for a High Quality and Better Yield in Grapes.

ProGibb Easy is the world's most widely used (gibrelic acid based) natural plant growth regulator, certified by OMRI. ProGibb Easy is imported from the American company Valent Biosciences, and it has been brought to the market after a lot of research and trials. That means you can have complete confidence on its quality.

ProGibb Easy is the first choice of every progressive grape and maize cultivator. ProGibb Easy contains high quality Gibberellic Acid.

Unique Benefits of PROGIBB EASY

  • ProGibb Easy dissolves quickly and completely in water, which means it is completely absorbed by your crop.
  • It contains 10% more gibberellic acid than normal gibberellic acid.
  • It gives more shine to your grapes and you get marketable quality grapes.
  • It increases the size of fruits in the grape plant.
  • Very stable over time, even in a wide range of temperatures.
  • More elongation and loose clusters.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Gibberellic Acid 40% WSG

Precautions While Using PROGIBB EASY

  • For best results, use the prescribed dosage of ProGibb Easy completely.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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