TABOLI - Paclobutrazol 40% SC


Flowering Hormone.

Enhances the Quality and Quantity of Flowers and Fruits in Crops.

Taboli is a Plant Growth Regulator with modern technology, which has been made by the scientists of Sumitomo Chemical after many years of hard work. Taboli enhances branches, flowering, & fruiting which leads to an increase in the number of flowers & fruits. It also causes production of more branches and increases the yield of the crop. Not only this, it reduces the untimely fall of flowers in plants.

Unique Benefits of TABOLI

  • Foliage Growth - Controls tree vigour, reduces pruning costs, allows higher density planting, easier to achieve optimum tree shape, rejuvenation of older trees.
  • Flowering - Earlier flowering cycle, increased flowering uniformity, increased flowering intensity, escape pests and diseases and results in higher yields.
  • Fruiting - Higher sugar content in yield, improves fruit colour, reduction in picking frequency, improves palatability, improves early yield return and ensures better presentation of fruits.

Active ingredients

  • Powered by Paclobutrazol 40% SC

Precautions While Using TABOLI

  • For best results, use the prescribed dosage of Taboli completely.

Dosage and Application Process in Crops


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